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W 20-09-2019

Submited By Anurag At 2019-09-29 15:48:28

Good morning to all our lovely Adventure Of War members, since from a very long time we have been thinking about making our website more and more useful and friendly for you guys, we have been working on it since long but due to few issues we never get the opportunity to release it for you guys for use but now the time has come and we have released the version of website for you guys to use.

With this version, you can see any latest news being posted by our team on the main home page of the website not only this we have also improved the UCP of the website to some extend.

We hope you will love this and we will keep improving and developing new stuff for you guys.

Thank You


About Adventure Of War

Call Of Duty Adventure Of War
Adventure Of War (AoW) is a SAMP Gaming Community founded back in November 2017. We had ran our server continiously for 3 months and within this period of time Adenture Of War grew popular with it's increasing playerbase and new features. In Feburary 2018 our server sunsetted due finacial issues. It was the time, when AoW was passing through hardships. As the bad times had passed, we made the return and our server went online again in March 2018. After that, AoW had never taken a step back and we, the team of AoW, continiously worked to improve our services and tried to make our server the best in the SAMP-Network. This is our destination and we're still working on it!

Advanced Features

Here's A Reason Why People Love Us,
So Much


We're focussing on your security. We never-ever share your informations on web and we also have strong security to keep your account safe.

Best Gamemode

We're having great Mappers, Scripters, Testers, who're working around 14 hours and providing for you a better and smooth gameplay.

Friendly Team

We have great Administrators, Helpers, Managers to provide you the best experience 24/7 and also solving your queries.


We keep our server 24X7 Online, so that you can play anytime you want.

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